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Peach and Almond Pie

6 - 8

Shortcrust pastry
200g plain flour
100g butter
4-6 tablespoons cold water
pinch of salt

1 small can peach slices, drained
50g Ground Almonds
50g Castor Sugar
2 Eggs
250ml Clóna Buttermilk
25g Flaked Almonds

1. Preheat oven to 190˚C.
2. Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl.
3. Rub in the butter to achieve a sandy mixture.
4. Make a well in the centre and add sufficient water to make a firm paste.
5. Handle as little as possible.
6. Roll out pastry and line a 23cm pie ring.
7. Cover the pastry with greaseproof paper and fill with rice or baking beans. Bake blind for 10 minutes.
8. Remove from oven. Remove rice/beans.

To make the filling
Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a bowl.
Stir in the ground almonds.
Mix in the Clóna Buttermilk.

Arrange the sliced peaches in the pie crust and pour the mixture over the peaches. Sprinkle with flaked almonds.
Bake in oven at 160˚C for 30-35 mins until set in the centre.
Remove from oven and allow to cool. Sprinkle lightly with icing sugar.
Serve with freshly whipped Clóna Cream or ice cream.

Recipe by: Patricia O' Regan