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Healthy Habits - for Life; not Just for New Year!

With the festive feasts and treats behind us, 2014 brings a fresh start as many of us consider a healthier approach to our diet and exercise habits. This New Year Caroline O’Donovan, Nutritionist at the National Dairy Council, provides some helpful hints for sensible slimming.

Eating Wisely for Your Waistline

This time of year, 'fad' diets which promise quick-fixes for weight loss tend to do the rounds - but be sceptical - especially of those which encourage the elimination of entire food groups. While a certain reduction in calorie intake is advised for weight loss, it is essential that the diet remains balanced and that nutrient requirements are still met. Compliance with and sustaining fad diets can also prove difficult; therefore, a balanced approach is wiser for long-term goals and for overall health.

The Department of Health's Food Pyramid provides healthy eating guidance for adults and children over the age of five years, and is a helpful tool for achieving a balanced diet. Foods are categorised into six different groups with guidelines on the number of servings to be eaten from each food group on a daily basis. It is advised to choose a variety of foods from each of the bottom four shelves every day to get a good range of vitamins and minerals, limiting foods from the top shelf which are high in fat, sugar and salt. Further details on the Food Pyramid are available at www.ndc.ie.

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